Real Estate Program Reviews

Our customers get excited about the benefits they receive from the SIRVA Home Benefits Real Estate program! We have had many customers come back time and time again over many years to continue to take advantage of the program. And while getting a big check after closing is something to rave about, we also get great feedback on the quality of our agents and how they help guide people through the real estate process.

See for yourself what our customers have to say:

I would just like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you (and anyone on your teams) who allowed my move to go so smoothly. From listing our Illinois home through SIRVA, to closing on our purchase here in Bradenton, Florida, also through SIRVA, to assisting me to set up my new home office, I could not have done this without all of your expert assistance in one manner or another. I feel very fortunate and am humbled by all of your assistance.Our real estate consultant was always very involved and caring. She was always ready to do whatever needed to be done. She was a good liaison with our realtor. Selling real estate in this market is sometimes trying and takes forever. Our consultant mad the whole process more bearable. We highly recommend the program and will use it again in the future!

- Elyce

Our real estate consultant was on top of things and she contacted me often.

- Jeffrey

Our real estate consultant was great and was timely and knowledgeable.

- Christine

I was pleased with how our consultant presented the program and followed through.

- Donald