Why Choose SIRVA for Real Estate

Get a Hand Selected Real Estate Agent & Cash Rewards

SIRVA’s real estate rewards program offers consumers peace of mind plus discounts and cash back, making it truly the best option in real estate. Here are a few of the features:

  • Pre-qualified, experienced, professional real estate agents
  • Added protections to ensure they are treated fairly
    • Work with one of our real estate consultants who works with you to understand the program and can answer questions about the process or your agent
    • Real estate agents in our network agree not to charge our clients with any supplemental fees
    • Real estate agents in our network agree that our clients can cancel the listing agreement at any time for any reason. You may also stop working with a home finding agent any time for any reason.
  • Significant cash rewards
    • $500 for every $100,000 in home value bought or sold3
    • Cash reward delivered 30-45 days after closing
SIRVA® - Trusted Around the Globe

SIRVA delivers customized relocation and moving solutions that satisfy the needs of clients and their people in the highest quality and most efficient way — wherever they do business. Offering an extensive portfolio of mobility services across 170 countries, SIRVA provides end-to-end solutions and delivers an enhanced mobility experience for clients and their people. SIRVA has a portfolio of well-known and recognizable brands in the moving and relocation industry. For more information please visit www.sirva.com.

Real Estate Agent Requirements

SIRVA works with a network of 4,600 experienced real estate agents from trusted brands in over 160 local markets. Agents in our network must be full time agents that meets specific criteria for becoming part of the SIRVA Agent Network including:

  • Three (3) years experience successfully selling real estate full time
  • Two (2) years experience handling corporate relocations
  • Closed a minimum of twenty (20) real estate transactions, six (6) of which were corporate referrals, within the last twelve (12) months (varies in smaller markets)
  • Our preferred agents have been trained and certified by SIRVA
  • Our agents are screened on an annual basis and must meet certain criteria in order to stay in our network
  • Our agents agree not to charge any additional fees to our clients
  • Our agents cannot lock our clients into a contract so our clients are free to change agents at any time